July 18, 2024

Prime Day 2024: Record Sales Without Profits

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual shopping event, has transformed into a battlefield for sellers, testing their fundamental capabilities and long-term strategies. Despite the anticipation, many sellers found themselves grappling with the harsh reality: booming sales, but dwindling profits. The reasons behind this paradox are multifaceted. Heavy Discounts Erode Margins This year, the discounts offered on
July 17, 2024

Peak Season Looms: Air Cargo Market Poised for Historic Surge

Air Freight Demand Soars Amid E-Commerce Boom As the peak season approaches, the global air cargo market is on the brink of a historic surge. Since the Lunar New Year, the market has shown no signs of the usual seasonal slowdown. Instead, export e-commerce platforms have continued to thrive, driving air freight rates to
July 12, 2024

Temu Faces Roadblocks in Entering the Indonesian Market

Temu’s Global Expansion Hits a Snag Temu, the Chinese e-commerce platform known for its aggressive global expansion, has encountered a significant hurdle: Indonesia has officially barred its entry. The Indonesian Ministry of Trade announced that Temu’s business model does not comply with local regulations, a decision driven by concerns over the potential impact on
July 11, 2024

Shein Partners with Actress Kim Yoo-jung to Enter South Korean Market

Shein’s Strategic Move in South Korea Shein, often dubbed the “Chinese Uniqlo,” has officially announced its foray into the South Korean market. According to a report by JoongAng Ilbo, Shein has recently launched a dedicated Korean website and is set to ramp up its market presence. This marks a significant step in Shein’s global
July 10, 2024

Shein’s $8 Billion Logistics Bill: Who’s Driving Its Supply Chain?

Shein’s Expanding Horizons Shein, once recognized primarily as a fast-fashion giant, has evolved into a full-fledged e-commerce platform catering to a diverse range of product categories. The company is not just about trendy apparel anymore; it has embarked on a path of extensive platformization. This transition is underscored by its ambitious “500 Cities Industrial
July 9, 2024

Indonesia Tightens Scrutiny on Temu Amid Digital Economy Boom

As the global digital economy accelerates, Chinese e-commerce platforms become increasingly prominent in international markets. However, the rise of Pinduoduo’s cross-border e-commerce platform, Temu, has prompted Indonesia and other nations to adopt a cautious stance. Indonesian officials are considering measures similar to those imposed on TikTok to prevent Temu and other Chinese e-commerce platforms
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